Piazza Indipendenza, 4
60035 Jesi AN

Chris Rocchegiani

Roberto Montani

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CH RO MO is an independent studio based in Jesi (AN—ITALY), founded in 2015 by Chris Rocchegiani (painter, graphic designer and graphic design professor) and Roberto Montani (graphic designer and graphic design teacher).

The studio plays with new media and languages, embracing art and design as research tools. It mainly works for commissioned projects in cultural field, focusing on editorial design.

CH RO MO has been awarded and featured in international contests.

Chris and Roberto teach graphic design at ACCA Academy in Jesi. Chris teaches Basic Design class at the Camerino University Unicam SAAD in Ascoli Piceno.

CH RO MO is currently collaborating with Quodlibet Edizioni for special editorial projects and with Metodo Milano for art-related projects.

Selected Clients, in alphabetical order: Archivio Mario Dondero, Azienda Agricola Valter Mattoni, BAO Publishing, Casa Sponge, Casa Testori, Cifone, Comune di Ancona — La Mole, Comune di Chiaravalle, Comune di Grottammare, Comune di Massignano, CNA, Galleria Elena, Galleria Raffaella Cortese, ICCD Fotografia, Italian Council, Karussell, Maicol & Mirco, MAXXI, MiC - Ministero della Cultura, Paolo Brunelli, Skinnerboox, Unicam SAAD, Zanotta.

This site is conceived as a digital installation, a project itself and it is not meant to be an archive of works nor a comprehensive representation of the studio practice.

This is an approach Chris and Roberto believe in. They always wanted this immaterial space to be a chance, a fertile ground for experimentation.

In fact this can be considered the second sowing time. The first experiment was online starting June 2015 to December 2021 and it can be reached at this link ↗.

For a day-by-day studio life, check the Instagram account.

If you need a selection of the latest works, a request can be sent by email to

This site is read-only: it doesn’t collect, store or use any personal data. Nothing is stored in this or external servers.

For informations about third-party cookies, you can read about them in the legal notes at this link.

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